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No. End. Bye.

HILARIOUS!! Too bad you're AWAY or else I'd send ya my new song! The end has to be the best: "No. End. Bye." That's somethine I'd expect from Monty Python! GREAT!! 5/5


That organ was so completely the first note from The Phantom of the Opera Overture!! Oh yeah...the flash was funny too.

ok....I guess

ok, I'm a huge fan of the metal gear series...but you should have gotten someone to do Psycho Mantis' voice. I'm not saying yours was horrible...and I understand your a girl...but he doesn't sound like that. And the ending song...wasn't in time...it lined up on the entrance of two parts I think...i'll make you a better remix for yuor next one if you need it...the graphics improved a good deal over the last one...but still just something wasn't all there...I liked Mantis' fade effects, that was nice...

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Hey, you used one of my songs!

Did you mistakenly put my name there, cause I didn't hear my song.

PunkerFish responds:

I put your song in the bonus/credits level but the button wasn't working so I had to disable it temporarily. I've been busy with school recently but I'll be sure to fix that ASAP!

nice, but some glitches

You lose your charged power if you get hit?!

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Very nice mr. bass man

I liked it, when the snare came in on the off-beats it caught my attention, but it seemed very....anti-climactic. I have the same problem...but it pwns me, I liked it!

Anima-Theory responds:

Thanks for the review

I dont get the "Bass man" part :P



The ride was a little bit to fast, and the solo was a bit to "heavy" for jazz I think. Everything else is fine. I liked it a lot.

Stage3-1 responds:

I appreciate the comments.

Wow dude.

Do you use Fruity Loops? If so, I'd like to ask you some questions...HOW THE HELL DID YOU GET LIKE THIS?! This is sooooo crazy. I don't remember this being in Tetris, but that doesn't matter. This is just absolutely genious!! The only gripe I have with it is that I think it changes keys too much, but that doesn't affect my rating, it's just me. You're my new freaking idol man. Thanks for showing me what I yet have to accomplish.

I cuss a lot. Fucking deal with it.

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